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In years past the threat of sabotage, terrorism, and theft were greatly reduced. Implementation of security control and monitoring systems was often done as an “add—on” capability without regard to its overall effectiveness and impact on people and operations. While the system fulfilled the need for security, it often adversely affected production, construction, maintenance, product shipment, and personnel moral or the movement of people.

In today’s Post 9/11 world a primary focus of industrial and public entities is the security of their facilities and the people who inhabit them. Access to many of these facilities is now closely controlled and monitored using state—of—the—art electronic access control, camera’s, motion, heat, and light sensitive human detection, and sophisticated computer software. The ability of the security personnel to monitor these facilities with fewer people and under varying conditions greatly enhances the effectiveness of controlling access, while becoming more cost effective.

Hurst Technologies Corporation takes all of these factors into consideration when engineering and designing a security and monitoring system. Our extensive knowledge in planning, designing, and implementing these systems yields robust solutions while utilizing “best fit” technology and software for the application.

There are three basic steps required in the design and implementation of a security and monitoring system:

Site Survey

  • Identify Immediate, Near Term, and Long Term Functional Requirements
  • Perform Site Evaluation to Determine the physical and human factors affecting security
  • Determine Existing security measures and levels
  • Determine Security Zones and Accessibility

Security System Planning and Design

  • Review Site Survey Data And Information
  • Utilize Information to Develop a Functional Site Specific Security Plan
  • Design the Infrastructure
  • Determine Best—fit Technology and Software for the System

Security System Implementation

  • Develop Detailed System Design
  • Develop Hardware and Software Specifications
  • Purchase Components and Software
  • Install Infrastructure and Components
  • Test the System
  • Train the Security and Site Support Personal
  • Provide After Market Services

This rigorous process assures that the security, video, tracking, and monitoring systems perform as needed and the responsible security and site personnel know how to utilize the system effectively.

Hurst Technologies Corporation has developed a team with extensive site security and monitoring system experience that covers the full spectrum from conceptual design and strategic planning to complete turnkey projects.

Our clients continue to turn to Hurst for additional services as their facilities expand. They know that Hurst will consider the details of the project, provide the right solutions and systems, and follow through on the project. Hurst continues to grow its staff by adding quality engineers and managers. Hurst strives for professional excellence and the client receives the benefits.

Read our White Paper on Design and Deployment of Distributed Video Monitoring Systems, which presents an overview of the Hurst approach to designing and deploying video monitoring systems.


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