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Omaha Public Power District — Omaha, Nebraska

Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Generating Station

  • Plant—wide Control Data Highway System Design and Implementation
  • Plant Information System Replacement Design
  • Unit Feedwater Control Replacement
  • Foundation Field Bus System for Unit Feedwater Heater Control Replacement
  • Unit Secondary Control Element Position Indication System Replacement
  • Qualified Safety Parameter Display System Replacement
ft calhoun    

American Electric Power

D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant

  • Design Document Preparation/Revision
  • Reactor Protection System Digital Upgrade Engineering and Design Support
  • Develop a Setpoint Methodology Design Guide
  • Development of Uncertainty and Setpoint Calculations
  • Engineering Studies Including MTBF/FMEA, Grounding, Temperature Profiles, etc.
  • Evaluation of EMI/RFI, EQ, Seismic and Electrical Isolation Documentation
  • Participation on D.C. Cook NRC Audit Term
dc cook

Pacific Gas & Electric

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

  • Marked—up Procedures Impacted by Steam Generator Replacement
  • Revised Uncertainty/Setpoint Calculations
  • Revised Instrument Scaling Calculations
  • Identified Impact of Steam Generator Replacement on I&C Documents
diablo canyon




Florida Power & Light

St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant
Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant

The Following is for 2 Units at Each Plant

  • Develop, Plan, and Implementation Support for Multi—Unit DCS—based Digital Replacement of all Safety and Non—safety Related Instruments, Control Systems and Plant Computer Systems
  • Provided Overall Program Definition
  • Developed Project Phase Planning
  • Developed Various Specifications
  • Provided Plant Data Network Design
  • Developed Human Factors Criteria
  • Provided Diversity and Defense in Depth Analysis
st lucie


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Constellation Energy Group—Nuclear Operations

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant

  • Developed Instrumentation and Control Systems Upgrade Strategic Plan
  • Developed Setpoint Calculation Updates Relative to Heat Balance Calculations in Support of Power Up—rate
  • Developed Instrument and Control Setpoint Program to Define Methodology Design Guide, Extension of Surveillance Frequency, and Approach to Address Instrument and Loop Uncertainties
  • EOP and Technical Specification Action Value Project to Accumulate, Summarize and Prioritize Action Values Within These Specifications to Determine Requirements for Uncertainty Calculations
  • 24 Month Surveillance Extension Project Engineering Including Determination of Instrumentation Impact, Drift Analysis Methodology, Instrument Drift Calculations, and Uncertainty/Setpoint Calculations


NRG Texas (Formerly Houston Lighting and Power) — Houston, Texas

South Texas Nuclear Power Plant (Units 1 & 2, Westinghouse PWR’s)

  • Designed I&C Modification and Developed Setpoint Calculations for New Delta 94 Steam Generators
  • Verification of Design Bases Safety—Related Setpoints and Development of PC—based Database to Document and Control the List of Setpoints
  • Developed and Designed Integrated Plant Computer System that Includes the Main Plant Computer, Annunciator System, Bypass/Inoperable Equipment Monitoring System, and Emergency Response Facilities Display and Data Acquisition System  Click here for additional information.
  • Designed, Engineered, and Provided Procurement Support for Turbine—Generator Monitoring and Data Multiplexing System
  • Provided Project Management and Design Engineering for Integrated Vibration Monitoring and Turbine Supervisory System
  • Designed Replacement Steam Generator Tube Leak Detection (N16) System and provided Commissioning Support
  • Engineered and Designed Plant Fire Detection System Replacement and Provided Installation / Testing Support
  • Designed Foundation Field Bus Instrumentation System for Unit 1 and 2 Secondary Feedwater Heaters and Drains
  • Meteorological tower and Instrumentation Replacement Design and Procurement Documents and Installation Supervision
  • Continuation Engineering Services for Plant Instrument and Control Systems Modifications Including Vendor, Licensing and Regulatory Interface
  • Various Systems Software Quality Assurance

South Texas Project – New Nuclear Power Plants (Units 3 & 4, Toshiba ABWR’s)

  • Combined Operating License Application, Chapter 7 Development
  • Owner’s Engineer for Design Review and Acceptance
  • Support NRC’s Reviews ( ACRS Presentations, RAI’s, Developing ITAAC Resolutions, and DCD Updates)

south texas

First Energy — Nuclear Operations

Davis Besse – Nuclear Power Plant
Unit Load Demand Controls Replacement

  • Approved Vendor’s Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Procedures
  • Provided FAT Support
  • Developed Site Acceptance Test (SAT) Plan and Procedures
  • Provided Site Support for SAT

first energy    

Nebraska Public Power District — Nuclear Operations

Cooper Nuclear Station

  • Designed PLC Based Replacement for Multiplexer and Annunciator System
  • Provided Annunciator System Integration (Hardware Integration and Software Configuration and HMI Development)
  • Fabricated Annunciator System (15 Cabinets & 6 Operations Workstations)
  • Provided Annunciator Training Simulator System Integration (Hardware Integration and Software Configuration and HMI Development)
  • Fabricated Annunciator Training Simulator System (2 Cabinets & 2 Operations Workstations)

nppd cooper    

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

  • Principle Investigator for the Nuclear  Market & Supported the Nuclear Industry Sensor Survey
  • Principle Investigator on the NMAC’s Terry Turbine Digital Controls Replacement Guidelines
  • Principle Investigator on the “Gold” Circuit Card Lifecycle Management Plan

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Ameren UE  — Nuclear Operations

Callaway Nuclear Station

  • Provided Design for Main Control Room Computer CRT Replacement with Flat Screen Displays
  • Provided Design for Plant Process Computer Replacement
  • Provided Design for Digital Feedwater Control Replacement of GE GC20 with Siemens T-3000
  • Provided Design for Main Steam Turbine Controls Replacement of GE Mark II with Siemens T-3000
  • Provided Integration Design for an Industrial Computer Server Cabinet for Siemens Thin Client Servers
  • Provided Hardware Integration and Fabricated Server Cabinet


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) — Nuclear Operations

Bellefonte Nuclear Station

  • Provided Review of Restart Project Budget  
  • Develop & Execute a Vendor Oversight Program for all I&C Vendors
  • Provide Technical & Licensing Independent  Reviews
  • Provide Digital System Utilization Recommendations

tva bellefonte    

Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Company

Wolf Creek Nuclear Station

  • Developed Specification for Terry Turbine Controls Replacement
wolf creek    
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