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Hurst Technologies specializes in developing the advanced solutions necessary for keeping the critical control and automation systems for nuclear power plants up-to-date. Our engineers even helped pioneer the applicaton of digital technologies in nuclear power and have designed innovative approaches to ensuring the power plant's "brains"--the software, logic and intelligence of the plant--works seamlessly with the rest of the plants systems.

Now, more than ever, cybersecurity is a priority for nuclear plants. Hurst Technologies has been long been dedicated to being on the cutting edge of physical and cyber security issues. Find out the latest here.

Decreasing reliability, parts obsolescence, and changes in fuctional requirements are all threats to the continued ability of the turbine drive equipment to perform a required fuction and are reasons for governor controls replacements. To learn about the practical aspects of upgrading turbine drive governor controls, read more here.

Our team members are also specialists in navigating the Combined Operating License Application process. For more information on how we can help your company successfuly complete the process, download our brochure now.

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