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> Purge Credit Speeds Combined Cycle Startups

In order to startup and shutdown quicker, combined cycle facilities often have to undergo modifications that range from minor to significant. One consideration is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sanctioned “purge credit” to shorten startup periods after shutdowns. read more

> Digital Upgrades for Steam Turbine Drive Governor Controls

Decreasing reliability, parts obsolescence, and changes in fuctional requirements are all threats to the continued ability of the turbine drive equipment to perform a required fuction and are reasons for governor controls replacements. To learn about the practical aspects of upgrading turbine drive governor controls, read more here.

> Cybersecurity in the Spotlight

Cybersecurity for industrial control systems (ICS) requires strategies and solutions very different from those deployed in the world of IT and commerce. Hurst Technologies Corp Engineers attended the recent ICS Cybersecurity Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, and offer some insights and their perspective on the growing threats. read more

>Attemperator Controls - Big topic at HRSG User Group Conference!

If your combined cycle is included in the one-third of the U.S. fleet experiencing attemperator control instability, Hurst Technologies can help. read more

> Digital Upgrade for Steam Turbine Drive Governor Controls

U.S nuclear plants face immediate obsolescence issues around electronic governor controls suppleid by Terry Turbine for auxiliary steam turbine drives. The specialists at Hurst worked with engineers at the Callaway Nuclear plant who undertook the first replacement of obsolete governor controls with a digital control system and are currently working a similar solution at Callaway's sister plant, Wolf Creek. read more

> Digital Upgrades for Nuclear Plants

Hurst Technologies is on the front wave of activity in retrofitting nuclear plant control systems with digital technology. The latest example is the replacement of the annunciator, plant process computer (PPC), and simulator at an upper Midwest nuclear plant. HTC functions as the owner’s engineer.

When the project is completed, scheduled for mid-2014, plant operators will use 23 video display unit (VDU) touch screens that will take the place of the old analog-based annunciator board in the control room. According to the project engineers, the technology employed is unique – it hasn’t even found its way into fossil plants. read more


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