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NRG Company — Houston, Texas

(formerly: HL&P, Reliant Energy, & TexasGenco)

Cedar Bayou Steam Electric Station

  • Burner Management Control System Replacement on a Supercritical Boiler

T.H. Wharton Steam Electric Station

  • Demineralized Water Treatment Control System Replacement

W.A. Parrish Steam Electric Station

  • Flyash Hopper Sequencing Control Program
  • Neural Network Interface Program
  • Boiler Feed Pump Program Development
  • Baghouse Controls Replacement – Units 5, 6, & 7
  • Wash Down Water Booster Pump Controls Design
  • Damper Drive Position Feedback – HMI Update – Unit  8




Limestone Steam Electric Station

  • Demineralizer System PLC Upgrade
  • Coal Fired Furnace, Auxiliary Damper Control Program
  • Burner Management System Upgrade Units 1 & 2
limestone steam

S.R. Bertron Steam Electric Station

  • Update DCS configuration drawings to As-Existing
(no photo)    

Rice University — Houston, Texas

Central Campus Power Plant

  • Ruston Gas Turbine Supervisory and Fire & Gas Monitoring Systems Replacement
  • Interface with Local and Control Room Operator Station
rice u

Direct Energy — Houston, Texas

Bastrop Energy Center

  • Provided Water Hammer Root Cause Analysis Study
  • Resolved Bastrop-Tenaska-ERCOT MW Demand Interface Issues
  • Provided Plant Wellness Study
  • Resolved Issues to get CT & Duct Burner on Automatic Generation Control

Frontera Energy Center

  • Completed Design of partially designed DCS replacement project
  • Provided DCS Installation Site Support (Foxboro IA)
  • Provided Start-up and Commissioning Support
  • Integrated Fuel Gas Monitoring & Control into DCS
  • Integrated Demineralizer Monitoring & Control into DCS

Paris Energy Center

  • Provided Owner’s Engineer function for DCS Replacement
  • Provided Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) Support
  • Provided Design for incorporating Steam Turbine Controls into the Emerson Ovation DCS

direct energy


(no photo)


Texas A&M University — College Station, Texas

Central Campus Power Plant

  • Provided Annunciator Optimization Study

Lauren Engineers — Abilene, Texas

  • Provided Litigation Support – Expert Witness Testimony


(no photo)


Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) — Fayette County

Fayette Steam Electric Station

  • Developed QC Program
  • Provided QA/QC Training



fayette power    

PSEG – Texas  — Odessa, Texas

  • Provided Design and Installation and Start-up Support for a Fuel Gas Blending System

Read our White Paper about Blending Fuel Gas to Optimize use of Off-Spec Natural Gas, which discusses the
completion of a pipeline to bring natural gas directly from gas wells to power plants.

pseg odessa    
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